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Recent News
Tiptree strawberries from the eyes of a Robot-here!
'Our streets Basildon App' for waste recycling developed by CSEE student just released on World Environment Day- info here!!
Watch my 'Talks and Tasters' Webinar on Robotics at Essex (May 14, 2020) here!
Visit the Essex Plant Innovation Centre on 31st March for the Agri-TechE Young Innovators' forum- link, flyer 
 Delighted to receive a small but significant £45K strategic equipment funding to enhance the hyperspectral imaging analysis in our new agricultural robot 'Beast'!
Often Synergies are associated with Muscles and Actions with Movements- Read my new article on dexterous action generation in humans and robots that explores the opposite viewpoint. Really excited to receive peer commentary from some of the leading scientists from both Neuroscience and Robotics. Full article, Peer Commentary and my response can be found here
EPIC (Essex Plant Innovation Centre)  officially launched on September 20th)!! A full day of Cross disciplinary talks, brain storming and co-creation sessions to shape East Anglia's response to social, economic and technological challenges in AgriFood sector. 
School of CSEE Research video covers our work..!
SmartHort 2019-  My talk with Andrey Ivanov of Tiptree on Collaborative robots for Soft Fruit harvesting and Podcast (how to prepare your farm for Robotics and automation)
Our research featured in 'The Future of Food 2040' report of the National Farmers Union !!
Ongoing Science
Collaborative Robots for Soft Fruit  Harvesting
With Wilkin and Sons, Tiptree , Essex we are trying to explore robotic solutions to the 'Berry Big Problem' !! Research looks  at 'dexterous and soft' bimaual manipulation, perception, learning and human robot symbiosis in challenging  agricultural environments.  More information
Swift Cause-Effect learning and Common sense reasoning in Cognitive robots
Reenacting playful experiments related to 'learning, reasoning, creativity' shown by animals on developmental robots, we are exploring cognitive architectures that will enable robots to 'act, interact, learn and reason' effectively in a complex world of objects, actions, causal relations, choices and People! More info
We are building a new robot called 'the Beast' at Essex - see design and ongoing work !
Robot Episodic Memory - Connecting the dots of Experience....
My work on bioinspired Robot episodic memory  enables Cumualtivley learning robots to effectively connect the dots between the remembered 'past' , the 'present context and the potential 'future' and hence plan goal oriented behaviors. Such memories are also partially transferable to other robots  (as the video shows). More info here
The YouTube channel of my Module shows Amazing Robotics projects that First year students do at Essex..(another 40 projects videos to be added soon!!) Click   to choose videos to play..
Essex Challenge Week coordinated by me for last three years (2017-) won the  Excellence in Education award of University of Essex! The vision is to give an 'Impossible is Nothing' experience to First years- During their first five days!!  My presentation on what Challenge Week is about can be found here

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