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Realtime monitoring,  Reaction to unexpected Interference,  system infers the assembly is not possible, robot 2 simulates consequence of pushing the fuse box, intervenes and compensates for the distrubance, robot 1 completes the assembly 

Most of my research in different directions  like Action, Memory, cumulative learning and Reasoning is integrated together (both conceptually and in software terms) under the umbrella of Darwin Cognitive architecture, presently being used in variety of robots like iCub humanoid,  Industrial manipulators, wheeled platforms.


This recent  deliverable of FP7 EU project DARWIN summarizes the integrated cognitive architecture (basically the What, Why, How , Why Now and more recent unpublished results).


Some videos of recent experiments in the context of Industrial assembly highlighting different cognitive aspects of the integrated architecture is available in the left panels. 


The link to the open source software and documentation/user manual is available in the dissemination section. I generally like my work gradually develop into end user applications (for peers, industry). In case you are interested to use/build up or test modules or the integated framework on your platform pls do get in touch......




Four different categories of objects are scattered in the environment (large and small fuse boxes, different types of fuses). Assembly Goals are formed by recalling from memory what can be done with the objects. Both robots operate in paralell, with spatial reasoning and cooperation (in case the assembly is undoable, robot 2 places the fuse in an empy space from where robot 1 picks up and completes the insertion). At the end both fuseboxes are assembled.

The figure below depicts the gradual porting of different components (action, memory, learning) developed on the iCub humaoid to a real world industrial assembly scenario, and a comparison of the cognitive framework with the industrial benchmark. As seen, the main advantage is learning/switchover to a new task, and mixed assembly situations where goal are triggered by remembered past expereinces in relation to the present context. We are still working in this direction...slowly and steadily.





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