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Most of my research has been funded by EU FP6-7 grants, US Dept Of Defence and the Robotics, Brain and Cognitive sciences dept of Italian Institute of technology. All my publications acknowledge the specific grants that led towards the particular research (see the publications page).  Over the years the ensuing experiences have led me to cross paths with several passionate mentors, collaborators and coworkers. Here is a summary of the various projects, core topics I have worked/working and the funding agency. 

2011-2015 Co-Investigator, Co-Author

Project Title: DARWIN (Dexterous Assembler Robots Working with embodied  INtelligence).

Funding Agency: EU FP7 STREP, Grant No: 270138

Core topics:  Goal directed reasoning, Cumulative Learning and Organization of memory, Dexterous manipulation in two different robotic platforms: iCub humanoid (infant development tasks) and Two Industrial Puma robot (for industrial Assembly tasks).

More details:  Darwin Architecture page


2012-2015 Co-Investigator, Co-Author

Project Title: Consequences of 'perceptual, motor and cognitive' constraints on postural-focal dynamics.

Funding Agency: US Dept. of Defense, Grant No: W911QY-12-C0078

Core Topics: Modeling whole body coordination in humans and investigating the effects of various loading conditions (like Personal protective equipment’s PPE) on postural affordances while operating under “perceptual, motor and cognitive” constraints.

More details: A recent article is avaialble here  


2011-2013 Team members as Senior Post-Doctoral researcher, Co-Author

Project Title: EFAA (Experimental Functional Android Assistant)

Funding Agency: EU FP7 STREP, Grant No: 270490

Core topics: Human robot interaction, Imitation learning, Action understanding and Social Intelligence.

More details: 


2008-2012 Team member/ Junior Post-Doctoral researcher

Project Title:  FP7 ITALK (Integration and Transfer of Action and Language Knowledge in robots)

Funding Agency: EU FP7 IP, Grant No: 215566

Core Topics: Motor Skill learning framework for iCub humanoid combining multiple learning streams (Imitation, Exploration, Reuse of past experience), Forward/Inverse models of action and their use in Language understanding.

More Details:, a recent article by ITALK team is available here


2005-2008 Team Member/PhD Student

Project Title:  FP6 GNOSYS (An Abstraction architecture for cognitive agents)

Funding Agency: EU FP6 STREP, Grant No: 003835

Core Topics: Affordances, Goal directed reasoning and action generation in a wheeled robotic platform, covering most of the work in my PhD thesis.

More details:

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